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Someone Said that Life is in the Journey, Not the Destination ...

Thoughts and Experiences Along the Way

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I'm a tenor, an attorney, a licensed massage therapist, a flirt (my LJ handle wasn't enough of a giveaway? *grin*), a voracious reader (of everything from Sci-Fi to sports magazines to current events to biographies to wonky policy books to ... you get the idea lol), and a lover of conversation. I play baseball in the summer time, and I bicycle to work (11 miles a day total) most of the year, but I'm not a serious cyclist. I sing show tunes in public and can whip up a spiffy shirt & tie combination for work; just because I'm straight doesn't mean I can't be just a bit *fabulous*! In matters religious, I have faith and admire the beauty of the world, but I've grown rather cyncial about organized religion. All in all, I have a fairly offbeat take on the world. My life has gone through some changes over the past few years, but I'm cautiously optimistic that things are looking up. And that's a good thing :)
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